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100 percent KEUCO 
KEUCO products are used everywhere, where especially high expectations of comfort, quality and aesthetics in the bathroom are demanded: Our bathroom concepts never cease to find new friends in first class hotels, on luxury liners, in companies and even in private accommodations. After all, why do without perfection under your own roof? 
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 
The richest emirate is putting its foot down on the accelerator: Abu Dhabi has opened the largest indoor amusement park - the "Ferrari World" theme park - with the fastest roller coaster in the world. The building with the red Ferrari mega roof of 200,000 square meters - about half the area of the Vatican - is home to a giant amusement park, where everything revolves around the red cars from Maranello. This mixture of fantasy and reality is also home to KEUCO products, mainly PLAN accessories. 
Jumeirah Islands 
Those who go into the bathroom in one of the 736 luxury villas of the Jumeirah Islands will find KEUCO. 21,160 accessories produced in Hemer contribute to the unique ambience of the artificially-made holiday paradise in the United Arab Emirates.
Opera houses are temples of culture. With the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, the French star architect Paul Andreu created one of the most beautiful opera houses in Asia – perhaps even the most beautiful in the world. For the bathroom furnishings, the choice fell to KEUCO. After all, nothing should reduce the aesthetic overall impression of a visit to the opera.
"Jewel of the Seas" 
The 293 metre long and 32 metre wide luxury liner exemplifies the very latest generation of cruise ships. In keeping with the ambience of the high-class, ultra-modern luxury liner, the bathrooms are also luxurious and of exclusive design. The Astor range of accessories from KEUCO was developed specifically for the well-to-do clientele. A touch of aristocracy fills the bathroom. Exclusive accessories, with the rose as a fundamental design feature, makes bathing an elegant and gracious experience. 
Football stadiums 
They are emblematic of the club and, at the same time, they have to withstand the onslaught of several thousand people: football stadiums. KEUCO has already equipped several stadiums with fittings and accessories. They include the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the VFL Bochum Stadium Centre, the redeveloped AWD Arena, the Niedersachsenstadion in Hanover, the Borussia Moenchengladbach Stadium and the stadium on Friedrich-Ebert-Straße in Magdeburg. 
Nidwalden cantonal hospital 
The new architectural concept of the Nidwalden cantonal hospital in Stans on the banks of Lake Lucerne envisaged, among other things, relocating the bathroom directly to the room in order to offer more privacy. The spacious single and double rooms and bathrooms are of high quality and perfectly devised in every detail. Everything is equipped with KEUCO fittings and accessories that offer both the required and the desired aesthetics, thus doing justice to the high standards as regards quality and design. 
Dom Hotel Cologne 
The Dom Hotel Cologne, full of history and tradition, lies in the heart of Cologne, right opposite the cathedral. With 162 rooms, including 42 luxury rooms and suites, the newly renovated and expanded grand hotel offers its guests an exclusive ambience and the greatest comfort, geared to the needs of a demanding national and international clientele. With exclusive features, quality bathrooms with black marble and exquisite fittings from KEUCO are the embodiment of contemporary luxury. 
COSMO Hotel Berlin Mitte 
The "COSMO Hotel Berlin Mitte" is situated in the heart of Berlin. In keeping with the overall concept of the hotel, the 84 exclusive rooms and suites in an urban style boast modern bathrooms. All bathrooms come with KEUCO fittings, accessories, washbasins and light mirrors. The uniform design and high quality go perfectly with the standard of the hotel and its lifestyle-oriented clientele. 
Regional Garden Show in Hemer 
Dazzling orchids, coral reefs or birdsong: under the motto "WC of the senses" KEUCO has created a public WC facility on the site of the Regional Garden Show Hemer. It has been designed to be surprising and completely different from the usual. What is particularly remarkable is the intensively green, barrier-free toilet, which also serves as a baby changing room. With an attractive and highly aesthetic design, topics from nature fascinate the visitors to the garden show, casting a spell over them. 
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