KEUCO EDITION 11: Architectural creativity for bathroom design 
Symbiosis of sensuousness and sensibility 
EDITION 11 – The innovative furnishing concept from KEUCO, developed specially for top end interior architecture, that offers individual solutions for creative and sophisticated bathroom planning. At the forefront is an emphasis on architecturally orientated room design. Thanks to the modular concept, EDITION 11 offers a maximum in planning freedom. 
EDITION 11, designed by the design company Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam, is conceived entirely according to the principles of formal simplicity and of optimum use of materials. The result is a synergy of visual grace and resource saving efficiency of materials. Designer Dominik Tesseraux: “EDITION 11 is the perfect symbiosis of sensuousness and sensibility. It is aesthetics with soul and understanding, and reveals an abundance of creative effort." 
The centrepiece of EDITION 11 is the washbasin area with washbasin and vanity unit. The comprehensive furniture and washbasin range of EDITION 11 in widths of 700 to 2800 mm opens up a variety of combination and planning possibilities. As additions, further furniture variations such as sideboards, and base and tall units in compatible grid sizes can be combined into larger units or used as stand-alone furniture. 
Also facilitating many possibilities in room design is the large selection of front surfaces: For example, structure coatings are available, the special surface textures of which simulate natural materials such as leather or textiles; noble, genuine wood veneers create a sensuous, natural atmosphere; brilliant glass fronts impart an extravagant flair, or the option of high-gloss lacquer surface in piano lacquer quality underscores the noble character. 
The discreet and straight-lined design of EDITION 11 furniture is characterized by a handle-free appearance; the front drawers open conveniently by a push-to-open technology. The insides of the furniture demonstrate well-planned functionality down to the smallest detail: sliding dividers provide optimum order and clarity. An optional interior LED lights up the inside of the vanity unit, switching on and off automatically when the unit is opened or closed. 
The EDITION 11 assortment offers the option of either ceramic or Varicor washbasins in various sizes and models. Varicor is a mineral material made of high quality natural minerals and resins; it also has a silky, matt and warm surface. Just like ceramic, it is a material which is extremely easy to care for, and satisfies the highest expectations on durability and hygiene. The ceramic washbasins of EDITION 11 are available in the three sizes 700, 1050 and 1400 mm; the Varicor washbasins are custom made according to customer specifications, in grid sizes up to 2800 mm. With its beautiful shape, the work area flows smoothly into the bowl. Whether as double washbasin or single, EDITION 11 offers a wide range of options for individual bathroom design. 
EDITION 11 also includes beautiful mirror cabinets, mirrors, light mirrors, accessories and fittings, all with a coordinated design. With that, as furnishing concept for bathroom architecture, EDITION 11 offers diverse and versatile design possibilities. 
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