KEUCO EDITION 11: Fittings for uncompromising lovers of beauty 
Aesthetics, functionality and sensibility 
Aesthetics, functionality and sensibility are what characterize the fittings of EDITION 11 from KEUCO. Designed by the design company Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam, the range of fittings persuades through its superior design, premier quality and innovative technology. Fittings are important elements in the midst of the comprehensive furnishing concept of KEUCO, which is marked by its formal simplicity and optimum use of materials.  
Straight lines and clear, geometric shapes are what characterize the appearance of EDITION 11 fittings. Brilliant chrome surfaces bring out their shape with great effect. The perfect workmanship of the surfaces and the use of high grade materials underscore the worth of the fittings and also make their use a tactile experience. 
Combined with innovative technology, the fittings incorporate particularly remarkable features. The 3-hole washbasin fittings and bathtub fittings offer a new experience in use: living up to the high standard of design of EDITION 11, one’s own comfortable temperature setting can be preset in the initial position of the fitting – i.e. with the lever positioned straight - perfection down to the smallest detail for uncompromising lovers of beauty. 
Also in terms of ecological aspects, EDITION 11 fittings satisfy the highest standards and make a contribution to the careful use of valuable resources: all washbasin fittings of the series are equipped with water-saving aerators, reduce energy consumption when using warm water, and thus CO2 emissions.  
At the same time, the movable aerators allow the user to adjust the angle of the water jet, and thus optimally adjust the water flow for personal needs.  
Whether single-lever washbasin mixer, wall fitting or fittings for the shower or bathtub – each EDITION 11 fitting combines aesthetics, functionality and sensuousness to the same degree. 
March 2011 
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