KEUCO EDITION 11: Accessories with a visual grace 
The design of EDITION 11 attracts with its visual grace and gentle beauty. Its striking yet discreet language of form lends the routine things in the bathroom an outstanding aesthetic. The accessories round off the comprehensive assortment of this innovative furnishing concept from KEUCO, developed specially for top end interior architecture and creative and sophisticated bathrooms. 
Accessories with surfaces made of chrome take centre stage with their immaculate quality: slender and striking in design, unusual and surprising in functionality, with brilliance and excellence in the surface lustre. Take, for example, the perfectly formed towel ring – worked from one piece – where the high quality surface asserts itself with particularly outstanding effect. Also coordinated in a harmony of design are the lotion dispenser and tumbler holder – perfectly matching companions. All glass inserts are made of particularly high quality, mouth-blown glass, either as transparent or anthracite coloured smoked glass. A slightly conical form sets a sensuous accent in the midst of the straight lines of the design concept. Perfect functionality can also be seen, down to the last detail, in the sponge wire basket, for which the high quality aluminium insert is made to be particularly stain-resistant and easy to care for. 
Together, the accessories harmonize with the fittings of EDITION 11 in their delicately coordinated design, combining a minimalist simplicity with visual grace. Specially developed and designed for top end interior architecture by the design company Tesseraux + Partner, Potsdam, the comprehensive EDITION 11 from KEUCO also includes washbasins, bathroom furniture, mirrors, light mirrors and mirror cabinets. 
March 2011 
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