COLLECTION MOLL from KEUCO: Extensive range of fittings and accessories 
Design and quality "Made in Germany" 
The range of new fittings and accessories of KEUCO's COLLECTION MOLL offers a wide choice for all areas of the bathroom. It includes products for private and guest bathrooms as well as for bathrooms in commercial enterprises. A harmonious and elegant design characterizes the collection. A brilliant chrome finish and solid materiality make the high quality of the fittings and accessories eminently tangible. 
Gently rounded corners and lines combined with linear forms shape the face of the fittings and accessories of KEUCO's COLLECTION MOLL. This particular design feature can be seen throughout the entire series. The formal and the organic merge into one. The unobtrusive, sleek design gives the collection a lightless and timeless beauty that bears the signature of Reiner Moll of .molldesign, Schwäbisch-Gmünd, and which harmonises with numerous KEUCO washbasin and furniture ranges. 
The fittings of COLLECTION MOLL are outstanding. They impress both through their high level of "Made in Germany" quality as well as through their attractive design. In addition to durable technology and a design style that can be combined in many different ways, the on-wall fittings are also characterized by functional elements. They therefore offer useful storage space for bathing and showering utensils near the bath tub or in the shower. 
The product diversification of the COLLECTION MOLL so typical of KEUCO offers a wide range of attractive bathroom fittings. Even for hanging up towels, the segment ranges from the classic double towel bar to a simple towel hook via a chic single-armed towel rail or stylish towel ring. Even the toilet paper holder is available with or without a lid. Thanks to the best KEUCO quality, every product is emphatic. The towel ring, for example, is made entirely in one piece and its seamless aesthetic quality stands out. Maximum functionality and attention to detail are the special features of the COLLECTION MOLL products. This is demonstrated par excellence by the toilet brush set, in which the brush hangs in the brush holder. 
The sponge basket, with its integrated, retractable shower squeegee, demonstrates what aesthetically technical innovations could look like. After use, the shower squeegee disappears into the sponge basket, which is open at the bottom so water can drain away. The high quality and sturdy removable plastic inserts of all sponge basket models are hygienic, durable and easy to clean. Solutions for the guest bathroom, such as the matching fittings and accessories complete the assortment of the COLLECTION MOLL. For the commercial sector, the extensive collection also offers a compact yet elegant paper towel dispenser with matching waste bin. 
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