KEUCO ROYAL MATCH mirror cabinet: The finest of light and storage space solutions 
The proverbial highlight and astonishing storage-wonder 
Its intelligent lighting concept, individually organisable storage space, and appealing design make ROYAL MATCH from KEUCO the universal mirror cabinet for every bathroom that it is. The special thing about the LED lighting on the sides is that the mirror doors open around the lights, thus always offering perfect light,, regardless whether it is closed or opened. The light can be dimmed in an infinite number of steps by way of an electronic sensor switch, and as an indirect source of light, ROYAL MATCH always creates the right atmosphere in the bathroom. 
With its innovative and intelligent lighting concept, the ROYAL MATCH mirror cabinet from KEUCO combines design and functionality in an extraordinary way. The light can be finely adjusted to suit the needs of its user: It can be changed in an infinite number of steps ranging from bright white light for day-to-day beauty care, right to a dimmed light for relaxation. 
The long LED lights on the sides provide uniform, glare-free illumination for the face. Whether the mirror doors are opened or closed, the energy-saving and maintenance-free LED lights radiate a pleasant light, as the doors move around the lights on the sides when they open. As such the interior of the cabinet, with its exclusive features and elegant rear glass panel, remains illuminated even when the doors are opened. The central divider of the glass shelves allows one to adjust the height of the glass shelves differently for the left and right sides, allowing one to organize things individually. The electric sockets integrated inside make ROYAL MATCH the ideal helper when carrying out daily body care. The revolving mirror doors on both sides also offer a generous panorama-like view. The high quality aluminium edges punctuate the noble design. With its modern and rectangular language of form, which harmonizes with virtually any style, the ROYAL MATCH mirror cabinet – in widths of 650 mm, 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm or 1300 mm – is a visual treat in any bathroom.  
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